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WORLD OF AUTEUR — Luxury Skincare
AUTEUR is a high-active skincare company based in Switzerland and owned by a team in Los Angeles. AUTEUR found HOLIDAY via the creative teamwork off the back of the Augustinus Bader brand launch in 2018. When AUTEUR approached HOLIDAY they came with a twinkle in their eye and the ambition to redefine luxury skincare.

The brief was as simple as it was bold: Take the tenets of contemporary luxury we experience in-store and online across categories and remodel the shape of skincare as we know it.

AUTEUR was named for the superlative nature of the products themselves and a fresh perspective on the concept of ‘anti-aging’ versus the more graceful reality of ageing with aplomb… By truly embracing self-care and rejecting the more harmful tropes of the industry centred on fear and shame marketing in favour of a narrative personal to each of us, a voyage of self that fully accepts our own story to date while remaining focusing on optimising every aspect of now and the future — skincare included.

Brand design was conceived for the well-heeled, well-travelled consumer pushing past the boundaries set by existing skincare brands and avoiding graphic trends favouring longevity with AUTEUR’s statement colour, library of tortoiseshell patterns serif word mark and a matter fact appreciation of our global marketplace with multi-language lockup.

In keeping with the brand strategy HOLIDAY addressed the product design with the spirit of Parisian womanhood front of mind. Confident, elegant and unabashedly stylish, AUTUER products (and packaging) are designed to be displayed on the shelf, NOT hidden in a medicine cabinet. Designed to be kept, refilled, and successfully recycled, the bottles are created with custom glassware, P.E.T tortoiseshell caps, and a laser-etched aluminium crown. All to house the refillable airless technology that delivers the product in a typically superlative fashion.

HOLIDAY is responsible for naming, strategy, brand design, creative and art direction for content. At the time of writing AUTEUR has received flattering praise in Forbes, Vogue, Into the Gloss and more.

Brand strategy
Brand design
Product design
Packaging design
Digital direction
Art direction
Photography: Hannah Hillier
Product renders: RenderFolk /
Fabio Ziplies